NOTE: For those who prefer a more traditional review, please download my résumé (PDF format).

My stuffed animals were the story first

I’ve been writing since I was young, usually just short fiction about my stuffed animals or whatever my imagination could invent. Poems and song lyrics followed, as well as the occasional German-language, sex-and-drugs-and-rock-n-roll-fueled travelogue (for which I received an A+ despite the insanity), and modern interpretations of Shakespearean plays pulling influences from “The Crow” and Nine Inch Nails albums. And of course, I can’t forget my first foray into fan fiction during my early college years. Nor can the Internet.

While finishing out my undergraduate career at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, I learned the campus paper — The Cooper Point Journal — took student-submitted articles.

Figuring it would be cool to write for the paper, I reviewed a few albums in my collection for the music section. They were received warmly as far as I knew; at least one person knew of my work when her friend introduced me, and didn’t want to strangle me for it.

Little did I know this was only the beginning.

Started a Tumblr for podcasting, became a fashion blogger instead

Though the intent was to use Tumblr as a way to promote my foray into podcasting, finding my name on a curated Twitter list of fashion bloggers was all it took to bring a change in direction.

The result? I took the URL meant for my Tumblr at the time, and brought it to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Having no idea about how to write about fashion trends or take photos of my outfit on a given day, however, I decided to interview those who did know, and to present their fashions to my audience. This would be augmented with posts about music and pop culture, and eventually, posts about fashion, period.

Chapter 7 for my employer, a new chapter for me

Upon the doors closing at my employer’s Louisville office — and every other office it operated — I decided to pursue journalism on the strength of my fashion blogging skills, first by attempting to break into radio via the local NPR affiliate.

Though reading the news didn’t happen, the newsroom editor suggested I try for an internship. The following summer, I was transcribing audio for a pair of documentaries about Louisville’s LGBT community and alleyways, respectively; I also got an aircheck out of the internship.

Eventually, those blogging skills brought me to, where I started out as a fashion writer before expanding to other subjects (car culture, geek culture, urbanization et al), as well as:

Starting over in Seattle

Alas, Louisville had stopped being my city for the time being. With a one-way ticket on a Greyhound bus in hand, I returned to Seattle to start anew. Over a month later, I returned to TTAC after a brief absence, earning enough to move into my own place while learning about the automotive industry, and about automotive journalism.

The sun still shines bright on my old Kentucky home

Though I thought Seattle would be my home until I died, the song of the Bluegrass State lured me back in December of 2015, beginning with a brief detour into Ohio before heading back south.

Taking on the mantle

Though I originally was brought aboard as the automotive writer for a new online publication called Tab’s View in late August 2016, I would soon take on the mantle of interim editor-in-chief when the previous EIC was let go. Seven days and several edited pieces (and a feature piece written by yours truly) later, I knew what my next mission for the remaining time I had left in the U.S. would be: to leave the publication and its founder in a better place than when I first arrived. Thus, I officially became Tab’s View‘s editor-in-chief at the end of the first full week of September 2016.

Sadly, I would not hold the badge for long. Financial troubles led to the abrupt closing of the publication nearly three months after launching; my last day as the EIC of Tab’s View was 30 November 2016.

Exodus into the Old Dominion

By early October 2017, my time in Louisville had come to an end. One delayed bus trip later, I arrived in Virginia, staying with family for a few months before striking out on my own once more.

Writing goes beyond paying the rent

Whenever I’m not writing about the latest and greatest from Honda or interviewing voice actors working a new startup 3D burrito printer food truck — a scenario I’ve yet to happen upon, by the by — my imagination takes up its pen to paper. Case in point:

Aside from writing and blogging, I also enjoy:

  • cheering on the favorite teams who have a place in my heart (Seattle Sounders, Louisville City FC, etc.)
  • discovering new music
  • playing the (non-candy colored) ponies on occasion
  • capturing images of my city and beyond
  • partaking in hard cider on occasion
  • playing my part in increasing transgender visibility, as a woman who happens to be transgender