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From The Vault: An Interview With Michelle Creber – Cameron Aubernon

From The Vault: An Interview With Michelle Creber

Hello again! This month is the month I will turn 37 in 2015. Yet, I’m not the only one with a birthday in September, as the subject of this day’s post can attest.

Yes, it’s time once again to comb through my defunct alternative fashion blog, 33 avenue Miquelon for another of my favorite pieces to share with you all.

This latest treasure from the vault is an interview I conducted with Canadian actress, singer, and dancer Michelle Creber back on 12 December 2012. Creber is best known as the voice of Apple Bloom on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” and as the character Kelly on “Strange Empire.”

At this point in my early writing career, I had a goal in mind of interviewing every voice actor involved with the current generation of MLP about their fashion sense and the other things I would ask my fellow fashion bloggers. I didn’t get far, though; I managed to interview four of the voice actors before closing my blog in October of 2013.

What you are about to read has not been re-edited or cut (original introduction aside); however, the images have been replaced, as I no longer have the originals from when the interview was first published.

(Image credit: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki)

* * * * * * * * *
Apple_Bloom_putting_liquid_substance_onto_potting_soil_S4E15Name: Michelle Creber

Profession: Singer, Actor, Dancer, Musician, Voiceover artist

Location: Vancouver, Canada

A Brief Description of You and Your Work: I’m a 13-year-old girl from Vancouver, Canada who has been performing professionally as a singer/actress/dancer on screen, on stage and in the studio since I was quite young. I love to work and stopped going to normal school a few years ago so that my schedule would be more flexible around my projects. I am registered with a Vancouver “distance learning” program, and have an amazing private tutor who guides me through the curriculum. In addition to working, I take weekly piano, drums, guitar and skating lessons plus six hours of dance training per week in ballet, tap and hip hop. I love to dance and wish I had more like six hours per day available!

The child of professional musicians, your career as a performer began when you were a year old. Since then, you’ve been seen and heard on many a stage, screen, studio and concert hall. Could you tell us more about your debut performance, as well as what drew you to singing, dancing, acting, voiceover work et al when you decided to take on those skills?

Creber: My first appearances on stage were in the arms of my parents during their shows. At about 4 years old, I began taking singing and piano lessons with my mom, and then performed regularly in the recitals my parents would hold for their music school. I also started singing in their big annual professional Christmas concerts.

Your debut album, “Timeless: Songs of a Century,” is also an all-covers album, with selections ranging from Bon Jovi to The Manhattan Transfer. How did this album come about, are there any other albums on the horizon, and will there be an all-originals disc in the future?

Creber: My parents are also producers, and since a lot of fans were asking if I had any music recorded, they decided to produce a CD for me. We brainstormed a list of song ideas and realized that it contained a variety of different genres from over the years. The plan was to include some original music on the debut CD, but once we got into it, my mom came up with the “top songs of each decade for 100 years” concept. We all loved that idea and decided to keep the originals for another CD.

As far as other albums, we just released “A Creber Christmas” (featuring me and my parents) on Dec. 1, and it has been exciting to get orders from all over the world. I’m very proud of both CDs, and am looking forward to more recording in the new year. We have three other CD ideas coming up: an originals album, a collaboration/remix album, and an album that features songs from musicals.

As a result of voicing the character Apple Bloom (and providing Sweetie Belle’s singing voice) on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” you have been a huge part of the fandom surrounding the show, whether attending fan conventions or appearing on Everfree Radio’s “Saturday Night Songs” as two examples. Could you tell us more regarding your involvement in the brony community, and what it means for you professionally and personally?

Creber: Well, it has been a real gift to have this wonderful, kind and generous group of people supporting me. Professionally, it has really helped my voiceover and singing careers move forward. Final Draft and the gang at EFR have been so amazing and supportive to work with, and it has been such a fun way to introduce my new recordings. Also, my parents and I have met so many talented musicians in the community, and have really enjoyed working with MandoPony, The Living Tombstone, AcousticBrony and Mic the Microphone (and there are so many more talented people that we’re hoping to work with on the collab album)!

Personally, it has been so rewarding to meet the fans at conventions, and to receive the amazing letters as well as the unbelievable art and craft gifts that fans have made. And one of the best convention experiences is the opportunity to help raise money for great causes through the charity auctions.

Aside from being a triple threat and a voiceover artist, what other talents do you possess?

Creber: As much as I live and breathe for acting, singing and dancing, I am also very passionate about sports and playing instruments, e.g. skating, hockey, biking, piano, drums, guitar, and tons more. I also love writing stories, writing songs, cooking, painting, drawing and crafts!

How would you describe your personal style?

Creber: I love cool, casual, comfortable modern styles and love accessorizing with some jewelry, scarves and a bit of bling. I was a complete tomboy when I was younger and still have a bit of that going on, but now I also like wearing dresses, and my wardrobe is looking much more feminine overall.

Because of my wide variety of activities, I have many different types of clothes. For example, there are clothes for dance classes and rehearsals, clothes for sports, clothes for work, clothes for formal occasions, and then costumes for concerts.

Do you read any fashion blogs? If so, which ones?

Creber: I don’t because it’s just too hard to find the time for extra things like that. But I do like flipping through magazines in waiting rooms or while waiting in line to buy groceries!

Be it the stage, small or silver screen, or the studio, what has been your favorite moment as a performer?

Creber: I love so many moments and already have lots of great ones that come to mind. My first time on a movie set (Disney’s “The Search For Santa Paws”), my first MLP voiceover session, doing the movie “Christmas Lodge” (my dog Max was cast as my character’s dog, and there was one scene where he jumped up on a table and stole the biscuit off my plate! The director yelled “Cut,” and we had to shoot the scene again), funny moments in the many theatre productions I’ve been in, and performing concerts at Everfree Northwest and Canterlot Gardens; it was awesome to hear the crowd singing along with me, ”wanted… dead or alive” and S-A-TUR-DAY, NIGHT!

Another great memory is my first experience at a Brony event. My mom and I went to the Vancouver Library for the release of the “Royal Wedding” finale last spring, and that was a revelation for me. It was what really introduced us to the Brony community, and I loved hearing everyone singing the theme song together!


Why do you do what you do for a living?

Creber: Because there is nothing else I would like to pursue more in my life, and because I am fortunate enough to have been offered these kinds of opportunities.

If you had to pick one item from your résumé thus far that says, “This is what my career is all about,” which one would it be?

Creber: Too hard to answer… WAIT! There’s this one little show called “My Little Pony.” 😀

What advice do you have for my readers regarding…

Style: Keep it real and don’t worry about what everybody thinks of you. Live your life and express yourself!

Performing (acting, singing, dancing, voiceovers et al): Don’t give up on your dreams. If you love preforming just keep working at it.

Life in general: We only have one chance at it so make it count!

Any final words?

Creber: I can’t wait for all the new cons coming up in 2013! The next one is Animate! Miami, and I hope to meet many more Pony and anime fans there!