My Sun Sets To Rise Again

Cold Sunset Over Italy Circa March 2015


If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you read my final post for The Truth About Cars, or you found me elsewhere.

Either way, welcome.

While my bio covers most of this territory already (as well as the fact the Best & Brightest in general knew little of my presence on TTAC), allow me to introduce myself properly to one and all:

I’ve been writing since I was young, usually just short fiction about my stuffed animals or whatever my imagination could invent. Poems and song lyrics followed, as well as the occasional German-language, sex-and-drugs-and-rock-n-roll-fueled travelogue (for which I received an A+ despite the insanity), and modern interpretations of Shakespearean plays pulling influences from “The Crow” and Nine Inch Nails albums.

Once out of high school, I took my writing to new heights, from the greatest backstory ever brought to life in fan fiction, to reviews of Ministry albums for my college newspaper. I even had a LiveJournal for more personal writing, as well.

Then, for no reason I can recall, I stopped writing immediately after college. My life reached one of its lowest point then, culminating in a one-way flight to Louisville in October 2007 to start again once more.

Along the way, I became interested in fashion blogging through being a fangirl of all things French, which led to befriending a few such bloggers on Twitter. One of them happened to be the founder of a then-burgeoning networking group of independent fashion bloggers, whose decision to add me to a curated list of “exciting fashion bloggers for AMEX NYFW AW10” resulted in yours truly — who still hardly knows much about fashion to this day — diving right into this new world.

During the four years I helmed what would ultimately be named 33 avenue Miquelon, I took all of what I learned, and set out to make a career out of writing. The path taken thus far has led me to writing for, Insider Louisville, and The Truth About Cars, where my skills continued development, and lasting relationships were made.

I can’t promise this personal blog will be updated daily — professional writing comes first, after all — but I do hope you’ll enjoy what I do write here; you should subscribe so you can keep abreast of when a new post hits the newsstand, by the way.

Welcome to my world, darlings.

(Photo credit: Giorgio Galeotti/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0)